MRI and CT scans are used to view internal body structures. A CT scan is generally good for larger areas while an MRI can produce a better overall image of the tissue under examination.

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. In simple words, MRI scanner is a very strong magnet. The stronger the magnetic field, the greater the fraction of protons that become aligned, and the bigger the energy difference between them and those that remain unaligned. This thus produces a signal that can be better detected over background noise.

Tesla 1.5 MRI is known for its high field strength. It offers unmatched image quality which is helpful in accentuating the accuracy of diagnosis. The patient is made to lie in the magnet and a radio wave is used to send and receive signals to the body. The returning signals are then converted into images by a computer that is attached to the scanner. MRI scanners are classified based on different magnet field strengths, which are measured in Teslas. These scanners come in varying sizes including wide-bore and open.

Telsa 1.5 MRI Scanner has set new standards in efficacy, ease of use, and patient care. The scanner has been typically built keeping in mind the diverse imaging needs of different patients. A 1.5 Tesla scanner has enhanced clinical capabilities and delivers comprehensive, advanced technology to:

  • Increase patient comfort
  • Simplification of operations
  • Gain domestic value
  • Save energy and costs

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